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Housekonsept Pty Ltd distributes, import and supply various ICF products from the top of the range across Australia, New Zealand and ASIA. Distribution and prodcution centres exist in Australia and overseas .

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Distributor of Quad-Lock ICF and Polywall ICF and the Insulbrick ICF family in Australia.  

Support, Quality Assurance and Training construction teams 

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Quad-Lock ICF

Why Housekonsept ?

Why Housekonsept

Why ICF ?

Housekonsept is proud to work exclusively with the best ICF products worldwide

Why Quad-Lock / Polywall ?

Housekonsept homes are sustainable, resilient buildings and green, based on a concrete insulation system that enables owners to pay a reasonable price while enjoying an advanced, top quality and high-tech product
Why Quad-Lock

 “Our proven knowledge and innovation in construction, combined with the leading ICF products and our expertise in managing construction teams ensures that every project is delivered on time within budget and to strict quality controls. Our excellent customer support is a vital point that ensures the ICF installation process is running smoothly, with on-site visits to maintain and guide construction teams.” 

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Lane Cove Project with Madewell Constuction

past projects

We are proud to present the most innovative ICF building system

“Canberra Site – Basement R-38 Quad-Lock Walls installation. 
The most energy efficient and insulated home in Australia”

“Killara Site – Retaining Quad-Lock ICF walls R-22”

ICF Quad-lock
ICF Quad-Lock
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What our clients are saying

We Have been really, really impressed with the Quad-Lock ICF system so far. The quality of the materials is very good - the tolerances are spot on, the keys don’t break off, the ties are strong, etc. It all just goes together really easily and is nice and strong. I did a lot of research across dozens of different systems before choosing Quad-Lock and I am really glad that we chose this system.

Nathan B. Canberra Project

Killara project, Feedback: Supply of Quad-Lock, escort and assistance on-site.

Garry – Labane Residences, Builder

Anthony  – TMT Building and Constuction Pty Ltd, Builder, installer

Feedback: Unloading Quad-Lock. Lightweight and time saving.

Garry – Labane Residences, Builder