About us

Property and construction expertise

With 20 years of property and construction experience and vast studies within the ICF market, we can say proudly that Housekonsept’s leading  ICF systems cannot be compared to any building-system that exist in the construction industry today. 

We anspire to create effecient homes that are better than anything else on the Market - for the same price, Giving Australian home-owners, investors, tenants the ultimate safety and living experience is our goal.

The Team

Yaron Gal - Housekonsept

Yaron Gal

Founder / Managing Director

Yaron Gal is the Managing Director and the Founder of Housekonsept. He brings over 20 years of combined experience in Real Estate, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Customer Service, and High-Technology.

Yaron’s extensive skill set empowers him to approach each project with professionalism and expertise, ensuring timely completion and adherence to budgetary requirements.

As an advocate for buyers, Yaron leverages strategic skills to identify growth projects and property assets with favourable economic key drivers and low risk. By incorporating Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), we will enhance project or asset value and cash flow while positively impacting the environment.

We invite builders and homeowners alike to join us in the ICF revolution. Together, we can create a sustainable future while enjoying ICF construction’s numerous benefits and advancements.

Join us at Housekonsept, and let’s shape the future of construction together.

Mr Dolfi Benesh is the Construction Consultant and Co-Founder 

Dolfi has 22 years of project management experience in the building industry, both in Australia and overseas.

His extensive experience as a supervisor, site manager and foreman afforded him the opportunity to oversee projects such as the Opera House, Star City Casino and various shopping centres.

Dolfi’s extensive experience in a commercial and residential building inspired him to create an energy-saving and Fire-Safe Home that can help our community in Australia.

Dolfi Benesh - Housekonsept

Dolfi Benesh

Co-Founder / Construction Consultaiton

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a proliferation of exceptional ICF homes, buildings, and structures across the residential and commercial sectors throughout Australia and the APAC region. We strive to promote a greener concept that not only halts the depletion of oxygen production but also offers a sustainable solution capable of preventing wastage and lasting for generations. Our goal is to improve the traditional building industry by providing the ultimate product for extreme fire events and natural disasters. To Offer proper insulation to improve energy efficiency, temperature control, noise reduction, maintenance cost reduction, and overall improvement in the standard of living.
By harnessing the power of ICF technology, we aim to create a lasting impact on the construction landscape, delivering structures that not only meet the highest safety standards but also prioritize environmental sustainability and the well-being of occupants.

Housekonsept - Our vision