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Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) is the fastest growing construction system worldwide and works well for small or large constructions.

Currently, traditional and outdated building systems are widespread across Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Sadly, ignorance pays a heavy price;  we still see cracks in new buildings right after completion, such in Mascot and the Opal tower. Buildings are susceptible to bushfires, windstorms and floods, and without proper insulation or sound barriers. We believe it is time for a change, and the ICF system offers a safer, more energy efficient, healthy and eco-friendly home.

ICF reduces construction time, which translates to cost savings for developers and builders. It provides benefits such as controlled ventilation, temperature and humidity control, sound insulation, maintenance reduction, fire safety and natural disaster resistance.

Once you have lived in an ICF home you will never go back to a timber frame, brick or luxury concrete apartment – the difference in quality is unmatched.

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Environmental uncertainty has become the new normal. As temperatures increase, sea levels rise and bushfires encroach, the vulnerability of our current infrastructure has become increasingly obvious. In this new era of ecological instability, traditional wood-framed structures and even their more robust bare brick counterparts no longer seem up to the task.

Since ancient times, fire has greatly impacted the world of construction. Throughout history and across the world there have been many great fire event. With each disaster, a greater understanding of how to build fire-safe …

With increasing pollution levels and poor air quality becoming a growing problem in Australia, the health of our homes and work environments should be taken into consideration now more than ever. 

What qualities are desirable in the construction of a house?

Wear and tear and deterioration in homes are caused by expansion and contraction of surfaces, and condensation of moisture. A firm structure can prevent surface movements, which lead to hair-line and visible cracks.

What defines a quality Building System?

We always find similarities between quality property and luxury cars. We compare an excellent dwelling to top cars such as Maserati or Mercedes Benz S-class, for instance. People buy the look and feel of those cars, but they are also looking for safety; a strong car shield, structure and safe drive.

It is a very common practice in the building industry to seek the cheapest way to build a new project to increase profit margins. 

We believe that investing in the overall build structure of a property rather than only its appearance will deliver highest value, which will translate into profit.

Once upon a time, there were three little piggies, and the time came for them to seek their fortunes and build their houses (like most of us when we move out of mum and dad’s house).

The first little pig built his house of straw (like that was ever gonna work) while the middle brother decided to build a house of sticks

Winter weather can be a bit deceiving. When you look outside and see a lot of sunshine, it is easy to assume that the warmer weather has already arrived. Why are our homes still so freezing then?