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We believe we can make a difference in the construction industry by using ICF innovation to address quality and safety issues in Australian construction practices and parallel create a structure with all the necessary benefits for a high level and healthy standard of living. We are grateful to supply the leading ICF products in Australia and worldwide.

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Once you understand the concept, you can work with other ICF systems.

Insulated Concrete Forms for Better Buildings

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) provide the best possible living environment, as you can quickly and easily build ultra-efficient, comfortable, quieter, and safer buildings. Insulated concrete – walls, floors and roofs form a solid, reinforced structure that stays in place and provides superior insulation, utility space, and backing rods for finishes.

The ICF vision – Green and Sustainable

 For every tree we chop – we terminate an existing Oxygen factory production.  This factory is irreplaceable; it will take the same amount of time that an adult tree grows: 15-50-100 years old trees.  As Oxygen production dropped on the spot by 100’s -1000’s litres of Oxygen – we cannot replace production unless we invest vast amounts of energy – Electrical power.  This is a vast amount of energy, pollution, funds, and factories, and we had all this production for free 5 minutes ago in a green tree.  The modern building relies vastly on tree termination, which leads to Oxygen production termination. We can change this process by using trees friendly building system. ICF building system will last longer than any timber frame house. Concrete homes will last 3-10 times more than timber frame houses or any timber house.   Rome was not built in a day, but it was built with concrete. One thousand nine hundred years later, Rome is still there!  While using electrical energy to build for 3-10 generations, we stopped the termination of trees. Save Oxygen production and create better houses for ourselves. Not only can we build a fire-safe house, but that can also resist any storm like a bunker shelter,  Not only will it last for generations for our great-grandkids, but we can also save the environment,  We can save trees and contribute to future generations while enjoying the highest construction standards possible. Our building system is the greenest because we keep the green trees alive. Every single tree can be saved by using our system.

our iCF Approach

Housekonsept has an innovative ICF approach to the building industry, designed to help you achieve your dream home and the most efficient residential or commercial building. Built over 20 years of property and construction experience, we have created a more innovative way to build your home or any property development project.
We chose to work only with the leading ICF products for better simplicity, efficiency and quality and still price competitive for the Australian Market.


Quad lock quad Deck near the beach

What makes Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) better than other building materials and methods?

  1. A Reinforced Concrete Building System is cost-effective, regardless of the size of your project.
  2. Fire-safe Homes: A reinforced concrete home is a bunker, protected from Fires to a very high level, so there is no need to run away from home in case of fire.
  3. Storm’s safe home: Reinforced concrete isn’t affected by Cyclones or Tornadoes.
  4. Floods resistance homes: Reinforced concrete homes do not get washed away nor need to demolish after flooding, giving a chance to homeowners to clean and get back to everyday life quickly.
  5. Reinforced concrete homes are monolithic, which means they are built as one structure and resist movements of shrinkage and expansion: NO CRACKS, low renovations in the life span of the building.
  6. Reinforced concrete homes protect you from drunk drivers or lost-control Vehicles.
  7. Power wiring is done only in FIRE RESISTANT CONDUITS FOR WALLS AND SLABS, CONDUITS CONCEALED IN THE CONCRETE. This level of work ensures that all wirings are concealed in pipes that prevent faulty wiring sparks that cause fires and burn the house down – ICF saves lives.
  8. All our plumbing is installed within the insulation only to ensure accessibility and for easy maintenance.
  9. Reinforced concrete roof is safe from falling branches from Trees.
  10. Our double-glazed windows create, combined with the insulated concrete, a SHELL that resists weather changes and gives a constantly protected environment inside the house.
  11. We ensure that this high level of construction home is affordable to all our clients and that the dream home becomes a reality for all budgets.

Ideal Applications

  • Exterior walls or the entire building shells for any climate/use: residential, commercial, multi-family, hotels, education facilities, worship facilities and many more.
  • Basements are easily and quickly built using insulated concrete.
  • Fire Safe and Disaster Resistant in hurricane, tornado, and flood-prone areas.
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.

Research confirms that the most cost-effective energy-saving solution in buildings is to ensure that the building is well insulated to reduce energy loss from within the house. 

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are revolutionising global building industries due to the exceptional speed of construction, energy efficiency, comfort, and safety ratings while lowering the total cost of ownership! 

Housekonsept ICF products are one of the leads in the ICF global market; simple to assemble and flexible in design and Quality to protect the structure and give the ultimate benefits to the end user.

Polywall ICF - Walls installation example from the Lane Cove project.

ICF Floors Quad-Deck - Concrete Pouring

Polywall and Quad-lock ICF are Suitable for all types of constructions e.g residential, commercial,, Hotels, swimming pools, libraries, schools,  Hospitals, Churches, and so on..

  • You can find more technical information about Polywall, Quad-Lock, Quad-Deck and ICF as fire-safe products in the ICF System tab menu.